A New Beginning

It has been a little over three months since my fiancé and I bought our first house in Bremo Bluff, Virginia. Anyone that has ever bought a house, doesn't need me to explain the countless hours spent researching, looking at houses, going over every detail about every property to find the one that fits the best. It was debilitating to say the least. But, once we arrived to closing day, it felt so surreal that we had literally survived the house buying process.

To top it all off, during this entire time, I had been working on a collaborative project with a fellow author from my hometown in California. My first three books were all illustrated, written, and published in about an average of three months. This book has taken over a year to complete. But, I am happy to say that the day is soon arriving. The illustrations have been completed, the story has been written, and now the minor details and being cared for. Little Miss Bubba will be revealed to the world at the end of this year in time for Christmas. I can't express how excited I am to share this wonderful story, with an equally wonderful message.