Book Five, what is going on?!

I have gotten a lot of inquiry about my next project (Book 5 as I’ve called it). So, let me explain what is going on.

I started a project for a new children’s book that was based on my own life growing up in the US and Mexico. I thought it was going to be a very important story to tell considering our current political climate and the misconceptions about who immigrants are and what they are like.

My experience consisted of growing up in the US, but always being surrounded by Mexican traditions, culture, and the Spanish language. Then, I had the chance to live in Mexico for a year, but assimilating was much harder than I thought it would be. Then, when moving back to the US, having to assimilate AGAIN just caused a lot more trauma than anyone could have ever imagined. Compared to what others have experienced, my own childhood was cake but when I started drawing the illustrations, and forcing myself to go back to those events and relive in my mind the negative experiences, I found that it was incredibly difficult for me. I would be sitting at my desk trying to draw and color my illustrations and sobbing at the same time because the memories that would come flooding back were really difficult to relive. It was difficult to see myself on paper experiencing the negativity.

So, I had to do something very difficult. I had to put that project away. I figured I would put it away for a couple of weeks, and come back to it. It has been over a year since I have touched that project. I just can’t bring myself to continue to work on it again. I am sure that I will pick it back up when I am ready, but right now is not the right time.

I decided to move forward with a different project that is similar, but easier for me to be involved in. It will be another collaboration, and a story that is really near and dear to my heart. This will be the new “Book 5”. I have come really far in this project already, and I will continue to work on it until it is finished. Hopefully, it will be finished and published by January 2019.

I swear it is coming, be patient.


P.S. I actually have SEVERAL projects that I am working on SIMULTANEOUSLY! So, there will be a lot more coming from me in the next couple of years. Many of which are independent works, but a small handful that will be collaborative works.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!